Бобо Бермундо

Bobo Bermundo and the “Pepper” Squad – a book to read, plant and eat

A special book created with the Adys font! “The book is printed with
harmless to the soil eco ink on 100% recycled natural white paper. Contains handmade paper with embedded seeds for germination. 🌱 Ecological vegetable glue is used. No paper waste was generated when it was printed.” This is not just a book, this is the culmination of sustainable print production. And “from the pages of this book you can grow a small home garden of edible flowers, potted strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, peppers and lettuce.” And in addition, the whole is created with a font suitable for dyslexics. The text is longer for independent reading by beginner readers, but on the other hand the story can intrigue a child of 3 years (at least in our case) 🍓

And a little more about my meeting with Bobo Bermundo. I respect myself in the article by Rada Boneva and I am fascinated by the overall concept! And I am slightly proud that this edition is Bulgarian, not a translation! I come to the sentence “The font is for people with dyslexia и” and I am shocked, both I looked at the photos so carefully, and I had not noticed at all. And followed by pure children’s joy that Adys is part of such a project! Probably out of the many correspondence with publishers and authors who told me they would use the font, I missed this one. But the excitement was great! I missed the presentation of the book, because the seats were over. But later the book reached me days after my birthday! Bobo Bermundo is the first book in Adys font that I have read from beginning to end, at least 50 times 😁
I will use to convey the efforts behind such an edition with quote from Darina Dimitrova, part of Plantaboo – “It takes great patience, perseverance and courage to experiment with alternative production methods and raw materials.” Thanks to the team that made such a great book and I wish both them and the readers more amazing books!

title: “Bobo Bermundo and the Pepper Squad
author: Tsvetelina Vateva
publishing house: plantaboo.eu
ISBN: 978-619-91157-0-1
year: 2019

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