Capitalization game


Game with capital letters in Cyrillic
free resource


A game for sorting capital letters with a Bulgarian form in Cyrillic
The game is suitable for children over 3 years. Sorting uppercase letters
by forms – for the smaller ones by types of vowels and consonants, the consonants by sound, soundless and sonorous – for the larger ones

Playing with capital letters in Cyrillic is a free educational resource that will make it easier for children to learn the forms of capital letters in Cyrillic, and older ones to facilitate their division into types of vowels and consonants and types of consonants.


After downloading the file (pdf, 819 KB) print it. Use colored paper or recycle unnecessary paper. If you have chosen the second option – let the child color the leaves according to the described colors. (Or improvise, but follow the idea of ​​the four colors.) Have the child cut the letters from each sheet that is instructed to cut. If it’s too small, let an older person help. Pour and mix the chopped letters. Place the four sheets on a comfortable flat surface and let the game begin!
p.p. You can use thicker paper to keep the cut letters intact for longer. Or laminate them.

What they learn:
> For the little ones – division by shapes and colors. And why not sounds? And they get acquainted with the forms of the letters from the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet.
> For the larger ones – the types of letters in our alphabet – vowels, consonants, sound consonants, voiceless consonants, sonorous consonants.